Hotels in Varanasi - Hotel Ganges View

  • 9. Hotel Ganges View, Assi Ghat. Ph : (0542)2313218

Hotel Ganges View is situated on the bank of river Ganga at Asi Ghat which is among one of the five major sacred places, Pancha Tirtha, of Kashi or Varanasi. It’s the place where river Asi joins Ganga on her northward flow. The place marks the southern boundary of the holy city and remained the abode of saints and seers, poets and pundits.

Saint poet Tulsidasa wrote a part of his celebrated epic, Ramacharitamanas, at this place nearly four hundred years ago.

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  1. very nice.....can u give the details of amount collected in that two mutts in kasi and allahabad for accomadation and food.. we plan to visit there..a group of 15 ladies..we are middle class people...we want to stay there for 3 nights in kasi...


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