Varanasi Ghats - Dandi Ghat

Varanasi Ghats - Dandi Ghat :
Ghat of ascetics also known as Dandi Panths. the Hanuman ghat is used by wrestlers and body builders for whom Bajrangbali (Hanuman) is the patron God. The tonsured heads, sandal smeared and chillum smoking sadhus, and the noise of their continuous recital of Mantras is the most popular picture people have in their minds of the sacred land of Varanasi. Said to liberate the souls from the cycle of birth and rebirth, Varanasi is unique place for the Hindus.
The numerous Ghats in Varanasi speaks volumes about the religious ardor of the Hindus. The Dandi Ghat, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh is dedicated to the followers of the Dandi Panths. Here you can find the famous Dandi Temple, located adjacent to the Ghat. Dandi Ghat, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh has therefore, a special appeal; its features are however, similar to the other Ghats in Varanasi.

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