Varanasi Ghats - Kendra Ghat or Kedar Ghat :

Varanasi Ghats - Kendra Ghat or Kedar Ghat :
Further north, the busy Kendra Ghat is ignored by pilgrims on the Panchatirthi Yatra. Above its steps, a red-and-white-striped temple houses the Kedareshvara lingam, an outcrop of black rock shot through with a vein of white.
Mythologically related to Kedarnath in the Himalayas, the ghat becomes a hive of activity during the sacred month of Sravana (July/Aug), the month of the rains. Kedar Ghat built by the Maharaja of Vijayanagar in the South is named after Shiva, who dwells in the middle of the spacious temple. This ghat is shrine popular with Bengalis and South Indians.This ghat is meticulously eulogized , in the Kashi Khand,a little below is the Gauri (Parvati) kund whose waters have healing properties, at the top exist the temple of Kedaresvara ,the patrol deity of the southern sacred segment.

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