Varanasi Ghats - Manmandir (Man Mandir) Ghat

Varanasi Ghats - Manmandir (Man Mandir) Ghat :
Built in 1600 and was poorly restored in the 19th century. The northern corner of the ghat has a fine stone balcony which the Raja Jai Singh of Jaipur erected during one of his unusual observations at the ghat in 1710. Built by Maharaja Man Singh of Amer, there are numerous instruments used for astronomical calculations here and it is open to visitors from 09:30 am till 05:30 pm. The Dom Raja’s house is next door, with painted tigers flanking the terrace. Doms are the untouchables, who handle the corpses at cremation grounds.
Though the Doms belong to a lower caste, their services are invaluable for the dead to be released from their physical bonds and so the leader of the doms is given the title of `Raja’ or king.

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