Varanasi Ghats - Rajendra Prasad Ghat:

Varanasi Ghats - Rajendra Prasad Ghat:
An extension of Dasasvamedha Ghat, Rajendra Prasad Ghat is named after the first president of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad. Formerly known as Ghoda (horse) Ghat, it is believed to be the place where Bhara Shiva Nagas performed ten-horse sacrifice during the second century. A stone statue of horse was here until the late 19th century, but now it has been shifted to Sankatmochana Temple.
Ganga arti is held every day, in this Ghat. ajendra Prasad Ghat In 1979 in memory and honor of the first president of India (1950-1962). Rajendra Prasad (1884-1963) this ghat was renamed, and made pucca by the Municipal Corporation of Varanasi.

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