Varanasi Ghats - Sitala Ghat

Varanasi Ghats - Sitala Ghat:
This is the southern extension of Dasasvamedha Ghat, where exists Dasasvamedha Tirtha and images of Dasasvamedhesvara and Dasaharesvara. After the famous sitala temple there, this ghat is called after. On the 8th light- half of lunar months of Caitra, Vaisakha Jyestha and Asadha (march – July) and Asvina (Sept –Oct.) people celebrate the festival of Sitala Asthami ("8th day”). The same fastivities also occur at (adi) Sitla Ghat in the north.
Another important occasion at this Ghat is the special worship after the newly marriage, the couples and close family members come here for the Ganga worship ritual followed by rituals in the Sitala temple.

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